The Makers of Mischief

Yellow and red cards are a main feature of football. A means of warning, reprimanding or penalising a player, coach or team official, to the means of expulsion.

Today, @NeuBitter and @S_K_MOORE dive into the “Makers of Mischief” – players who are likely to pick up a few yellow and/or red cards at the World Cup.


Sebastian Larsson (Sweden)

Sebastian Larsson, Source-

Possibily unknown to the broader public, the former Hull midfielder has a tendency to always complain about the referee and pick up yellow cards.


Olivier Giroud (France)

Olivier Giroud, Source- SkySports.jpg

The Frenchman’s sharp elbows in aerial duels and on corners could cause him some trouble in the referee’s eyes.


Mile Jedinak (Australia)

Mile Jedinak, Source-

The long-bearded midfielder is hard to miss on the pitch. He will also have to do a hard (and rough) job to help his Australia earn some points against more technical opposing teams.


Aleksandar Mitrovic (Serbia)

Aleksandar Mitrovic, Source- NUFC Blog.jpg

The outspoken forward is loud both in voice and in his appearance. Will probably have several clashes with opponents and the referees.


Federico Fazio (Argentina)

Federico Fazio, Source- Tottenham Hotspur.jpg

Roma’s Fazio will probably form a pair with Nicolas Otamendi that also could have been the pick here. Fazio might have some trouble when facing fast attackers and has a tendency to make sliding tackles that could lead him to suspension if timed poorly.


John Obi Mikel (Nigeria)

Mikel Obi, Source- Sportsration.jpg

The Nigeria captain will have a big responsibility of balancing the midfield and the question is if the better and faster competition than the Chinese League will prove too difficult for veteran Mikel.


Renato Tapia (Peru)

Renato Tapia, Source- Peru 21.jpg

Watching him live, in the Sweden friendly, the youngster was late to every tackle, and might have some trouble in the World Cup. Yes this was one game, but he really stood out with the amount of fouls caused.


Luis Suarez (Uruguay)

Luis Suarez, Source- Everything Barca.jpg

Known for his ability to cause controversy and drama, Barcelona attacker Suarez is sure to become a “mischief-maker” at this World Cup.


Granit Xhaka (Switzerland)

Granit Xhaka, Source-

A big and strong build, center midfielder Xhaka is well-known for his long shots, and tackling. What many people have not realized, is his tendency to pick up yellow cards: 10 in 38 Premier League matches. A referees nightmare, watch out for Xhaka and his tackles when Switzerland plays Brazil on June 17th.


Pepe (Portugal)

Pepe, Source- deportes televisa.jpg

Now 35 years of age, Pepe is well known for his red card in Euro 2016 on Thomas Muller of Germany. A red-hot head, Pepe has a temper and it was well evident in the last International competition. He needs to keep calm if Portugal want to move forward in this competition.


Sergio Ramos (Spain)

Sergio Ramos, Source- Give Me Sport.jpg

With 7 yellow cards (2 of which that have led to red cards) this past season Ramos is not afraid to dive into a challenge, if that means it prevents a chance against his goal. He needs to be careful when being the last man back for the Spanish side.


Amr Warda (Egypt)


Moving to Greece over for the past season, Warda has managed a yellow card in nearly every one of two matches he has played in – 10 in 23 matches in the Greek Super League. Facing off against Uruguay in the first match of the group, he needs to stay on his feet and allow his side to play with 11 men on the pitch at all time.

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